Hospitality, retail, mixed use atriums and high end residences, we have experience in a host of other trades. Licensed, OSHA certified, insured and bonded, when you hire GCP you hire a dedicated team of technicians inspired to complete your project on time and within budget.

Project Management

GCP works with the industries leading custom GFRC fabricators. GCP provides a single point of engagement to field verify, fabricate, deliver, install and maintain your architectural concrete projects.

Schedule Maintenance & Repair

GCP restores wall cladding, counter tops, bath tubs, stair treads, floors, any and all GFRC materials that are exposed to elements or daily use. Our teams are prompt, professional, and efficient. We are insured and licensed to meet your residential & commercial requirements and leave your GFRC products in factory new condition.

Field Verification

Field verification is vital to assuring fabrication shop drawings are a true reflection of the site conditions before fabrication begins. GCP has been contracted by top General Contractors to be on-site and laser shoot dimensions, build fabrication templates and provide the quality assurance necessary to assure actual site conditions are accounted for before production begins.