Global Concrete Partners LLC is North Americas premier Architectural Concrete Installation and Restoration service provider. Our crew of technicians combine to bring over 30 years of GFRC expertise to your commercial or residential site. GCP has been trusted by global retail brands, top general contractors, architects, exclusive home owners and the most innovative GFRC fabricators in the industry.  

Based in the Greater NYC area, GCP has provided installation and restoration services nationwide. Our goal is to assure the successful on time completion of your project by delivering the world’s finest architectural concrete installation, restoration and project management services. Understand the need, define the scope, determine the services we can provide (we do a lot more than install architectural concrete) and execute to deliver design intent. Global Concrete Partners, we look forward to putting the finish on your project.

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Hospitality, retail, mixed use atriums and high end residences, we have experience in a host of other trades. Licensed, OSHA certified, insured and bonded, when you hire GCP you hire a dedicated team of technicians inspired to complete your project on time and within budget.

Project Management

GCP works with the industries leading custom GFRC fabricators. GCP provides a single point of engagement to field verify, fabricate, deliver, install and maintain your architectural concrete projects.

Schedule Maintenance & Repair

GCP restores wall cladding, counter tops, bath tubs, stair treads, floors, any and all GFRC materials that are exposed to elements or daily use. Our teams are prompt, professional, and efficient. We are insured and licensed to meet your residential & commercial requirements and leave your GFRC products in factory new condition.

Field Verification

Field verification is vital to assuring fabrication shop drawings are a true reflection of the site conditions before fabrication begins. GCP has been contracted by top General Contractors to be on-site and laser shoot dimensions, build fabrication templates and provide the quality assurance necessary to assure actual site conditions are accounted for before production begins.

Installation & Restoration Services

We specialize in the Tri-State / Greater NYC Area

Worldwide Mobilization*

Installation & Restoration Services
GCP has been proving nationwide installation of GFRC products since 2007. Hospitality, retail, mixed use atriums and high end residences, GCP has worked with some of the finest general contractors, fabricators and architects in the industry. Why GCP? Because we are trusted by fabricators and contractors on site. We just don't install, we learn about the product, the fastening method, the pigments, the substrates, we case study the installation to assure we are 100% prepared onsite to avoid delays and costly change orders. Being prepared, GCP techs work as an extension of the fabricator, a seamless transition from production to the field. Not every fabricator has personnel available and/or experienced enough  to mobilize across the country for two weeks to complete an install. Thats where GCP comes in.

Our work begins early in the process, usually before fabrication has started. Installation team leads arrive onsite and laser shoot dimensions and/or template the area and get the information back to the fabricator so they can produce shop drawings. We are then available to review and verify, as questions always come up. We take full responsibility for our VIF services and assure 100% accuracy.

Next step is pickup and delivery of the material. GCP can coordinate with the fabricator on when the material will be ready and how it should be packed, accommodating for the route, delivery equipment and site conditions. Whether we use our own truck or work with our trusted forwarder, we assure all the equipment meets site insurance and DOT requirements. We are highly experienced in "mid town" deliveries. Fabricator supplies a date, GCP does the rest to coordinate with the site superintendent to assure on time delivery while meeting all of the site requirements. Upon truck arrival we safely and efficiently get material to staging and minimize our impact on the delivery area.

The GCP team is extremely experienced and all members come from a GFRC fabrication background. They have built forms, cast material, and are highly experienced with finish processes. Our techs can manipulate material to accommodate site changes and complete rework to original factory conditions. Whether it's misaligned seams or a cut out to accommodate wiring or the install of hydraulic lifts and/or AV equipment, GCP has the tools and experience to confidently adjust and perform the services needed to prevent delays or additional costs.

In addition, GCP installers have experience in a host of other trades and understand the construction "site" environment. We have learned to play well with others. Professionalism is a key priority as we often need to coordinate with carpenters, electricians, flooring, framing and plumbing trades to complete our installs. Something else to note about our installers, they are paid extremely well. We do not hire day laborers. We love and respect our crew. We consider their work an artisan craft and we pay them accordingly. In return, our guys jump through hoops to accommodate client/site requirements. 2 A.M starts in Manhattan are not uncommon. Need to work through the weekend because the carpenters were late, just give us a heads up so we can arrange with our families accordingly. When you engage GCP on an install, you get us 100% and we will not let you down. OSHA certified, insured, bonded when you hire GCP you hire a team of craftsmen inspired to complete your project on time and within budget. We guarantee it!


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res·to·ra·tion /ˌrestəˈrāSH(ə)n/ noun
1. the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition.

Under normal circumstances, GFRC surfaces will provide the user with many years of enjoyment. Proper care and maintenance guides should have been provided by your fabricator to maintain the integrity of the factory finish. Restoration typically takes place within 2 to 5 years after the original install, sometimes longer, most times not. GFRC restoration and cleaning services may be required over time as the material ages and becomes soiled due to environmental contaminates, accidental damage or lack of proper use and care. Depending on the intended function, you're probably ready to have the material restored to its original luster.

Commercial and residential clients choose GCP for restoration services because of our backgrounds in GFRC fabrication and finish. When GFRC products are produced, the material will be removed from their forms and required to go through a finish process. This finish process is extensive. Lifting GFRC material out of forms puts a lot of stress on the material. Cracks appear, edges bleed out, chips and holes need to be filled, color needs to be corrected and finish adjusted to be consistent throughout. GCP craftsmen have fabrication and finish manufacturing experience. Now, out of the shop and into the field we take that experience to your home or commercial space and return your GFRC material to its original, intended finish.

Commercial and Residential clients choose us for the following.

  • Architectural Restoration
  • Kitchen & Bath Resurfacing, Scratch & Stain Removal
  • Seam & Joint Repair
  • Reseal
  • Historic Conservation & Restoration
  • Vandalism Removal
  • Ongoing Maintenance Services (includes training for janitorial staff on recommended products & cleaning)

GFRC restoration services begin with your call. With the project address, the name of the fabricator who manufactured the material and photos of the work needed to be done, we'll be able to quote and schedule your repair.. For projects with a large amount of work, or when records of the manufacturer are no longer available, we'll need to arrange a lead craftsmen to visit the site to properly diagnose the scope of work. Either way, restoration work can take place efficiently, leaving minimal impact on your commercial or residential environment and quickly restore the finish quality of your GFRC products.

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